Medical Supplies Deployment

Once Hope Builds has established a partnership with a community and its local government and secured the funds necessary for the mission-the real work begins.

The partnership between MedShare and Hope Builds has resulted in the delivery of two containers to support our medical missions, one to Nigeria and one to Cameroon. Each 40 foot container MedShare donates holds medical supplies with a market value of $250,000.

MedShare coordinates and supervises the sourcing of medical supplies and equipment in addition to financing shipping costs and facilitating generous private sponsorships. Together, Hope Builds and MedShare sort and pack acquired medical supplies to support Hope Builds medical missions.




State & local governments: (Osun State Government, Nigeria; Limbe City Council, Cameroon;
Yaba Local Authority, Lagos) Provide:

  • Transportation & lodging
  • Medical facilities
  • Honorarium of doctors

Medical charities: (MedShare) provide:

  • Medical supplies, equipment and drugs
  • Shipping costs and volunteers

International donors & corporations provide:

  • Administrative expenses
  • Deployment expenses



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