We believe that people are the greatest resource within any community.

Through mobile surgical missions and health education outreach, we can make an immediate impact.

We develop low cost, simple, safe designs that can be executed using local labor and materials.

We work with local government officials and community groups to provide meaningful employment opportunities.

We help underserved communities take ownership of a sustainable future.

With MedShare, we send large shipping containers packed with over $250,000 worth of medical supplies to support our medical teams in Africa.

Within a period of 3 months, we are expected to screen and treat over 10,000 residents in Nigeria.

We help underserved communities move forward through innovation.

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  • We partner with underserved communities to raise and sustain their standard of living through healthcare, permanent housing and community empowerment.

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  • Healthcare

    Through mobile surgical missions and health education outreach, our team of resident surgeons provide medical treatment to people living in underserved communities.
  • Housing

    We collaborate with communities to design low-cost, simple, and safe shelter that can be easily built by the people of the community using local materials.
  • Community

    Our projects provide meaningful employment opportunities by training people of the community in construction and basic healthcare.