Through mobile surgical missions and health education outreach, our team of resident surgeons provide medical treatment to people living in underserved communities.

Many underserved communities struggle with basic healthcare. By addressing that need through mobile surgical missions and health education outreach, we can make an immediate impact.

In 2009 Hope Builds constructed our first amphibious community health clinic in Makoko, an informal settlement of over 150,000, located in Lagos, Nigeria.  On the first day volunteer doctors performed 20 surgeries and over 80 in the following days-all free of charge to the local residents.  We hope this clinic will be a prototype for future low-cost mobile health centers.


Our Programs:

Mobile Surgical Mission
Our surgical team is comprised of 75 volunteer medical professionals.  This dedicated group is led by retired and active senior medical consultants, many of whom have their own private practices.

Health Education Outreach
The team comprised of general medicine physicians and nurses will provide consultations, recommend treatment, and educate the  community about basic health care and disease prevention.

Telemedicine Initiative
The Mobile Surgical Mission in the near future will be  augmented by a telemedicine initiative supported via cell phone calls and SMS messaging.  This new service will be managed by community health workers within target communities who will be trained and supported by our volunteer doctors.

Medical Supplies Deployment
Once Hope Builds has established a partnership with a community and its local government and secured the funds necessary for the mission-the real work begins.  Hope Builds volunteers sort and box thousands of medical supplies donated by medical charities.  The goal is to completely fill a large shipping container with medical supplies and equipment to support the medical outreach in local African communities.

Amphibious Community Health Clinic
The amphibious community health clinic is a structure designed to sustain itself amid flood conditions. With the ability to float, this structure is stable both on ground and on water. The floating clinic is especially suitable in aquatic areas like rivers, bays and tidal flats where flooding, storms and large tidal fluctuations occur. The clinic is a rapidly deployable, modular pre-fabricated structure, built using local materials. The concept allows for integration of important environmental plug-ins like dry composting toilets, rainwater catchment and purification systems and solar pv panels.


Health Goals:

  • 100 surgeries per month
    Starting in Nigeria we will run a combination of monthly nationwide mobile surgical outreaches
  • 10,000 patient screens and treatments
    Within a period of 3 months, in Summer 2011, the program which is a partnership with the Government of Osun State, Nigeria, is expected to screen and provide treatment for over 10,000 residents of the state and carry out over 300 surgeries. Such partnerships involving other states in Nigeria and around Africa would constitute the core of the Hope Builds medical mission outreach to rural and urban informal communitites.
  • $0.00 cost for patients
    Hope builds does not charge any fees on the patients as most earn less than $1 a day.
  • Raise $15,000 for each clinic
    Total direct costs of deployment of amphibious community health clinic is $15,000. That includes design, prototyping, off-site and on-site construction, materials and labor.
  • Build 10 new sponsor/partner relationships
    As we expand, we need greater and greater support from corporate sponsors. The gift of $15,000 can provide free access to healthcare for thousands of people in underserved communities.




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