Solutions for the Other 90%

Our collaboration with Florida A&M School of Architecture, the 2 design-build studios, with a 3rd
coming up this fall have generated socially conscious architectural designs for Nigeria and Haiti.

We set the challenge: 6 million people live in informal settlements of Lagos.

The Brief:

Proximity to sources of income is the primary motivation for settling in a squatter settlement over water.

Residents depend on markets and central city areas for income

Shelter is built incrementally with the use of lightweight traditional and  inexpensive modern materials

Shelter is built with the help of extended family and community

Critical challenges are environmentally safe sewage waste treatment, access to potable water and inadequate healthcare

The Response:

Collaborative design solutions included instant disaster relief villages in Haiti


And solar protection made of shipping containers…


And Lagos, Nigeria, Shipping Container Condos


As well as a Marina perspective…


Working with these students has been an amazing experience. We are implementing the winning designs in Lagos, Nigeria and continuing to collaborate with design students from across the world.

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