July-August 2017 Surgical Missions: 625 surgeries on 579 patients.

Here is the final count for July-August Surgical Missions: 625 surgeries on 579 patients.                          

Updates from the Field

Updates from the field- Our surgical team carried out 2 additional missions to conclude this round of Rotational Surgical Outreach. On August 15th @ Osun State Hospital, Ede – 74 surgeries on 65 patients and on August 22nd @ Osun State Specialist Hospital, Osogbo -128 surgeries on 115 patients. We are immensely proud of what […]

8 Years of service

Hello everyone, It’s been 8 years since we built a floating clinic in the coastal township of Makoko and carried out our first mobile surgery mission. Although we have not been posting regular updates, for which we deeply apologize, the work carried on by our incredible team of medical professionals, who still call themselves by […]

5th Year of the Memorial Surgical Mission

Every year since 2010, the Hope Floats team carries out surgical missions in memory of their dear mentor and friend Professor Olabisi Odejide. At the inaugural mission in 2010, the team carried out over 200 surgeries. A link to one of the media posts acknowledging the work http://allafrica.com/stories/201011100441.html This year another 50 surgeries were done at the […]

Hope Builds / HFI Truck Deployed to help missions

Hope Builds / HFI Truck is now helping our surgical team deliver services in remote areas. The truck was acquired trough a personal donation by Dr. Simeon Afolayan the head of Surgical Missions for Hope Builds.

Makoko Floating Clinic Demolished

We lost our floating clinic due to ongoing demolition in Makoko settlement. On the bright side the doctors have transferred their efforts to in-country missions targeting remote communities lacking medical services. Here is link to an article describing the plight of people living in Makoko http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/07/27/nigerias-floating-slum-targeted_n_1709481.html

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